EHB 322E: Digital Electronic Circuits

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  • May 10th The fourth homework has been posted that is due 22/05/2020 (before 16:30).
  • Apr. 26th The third homework has been posted that is due 04/05/2020 (before 16:30).
  • Apr. 11th The second homework has been posted that is due 20/04/2020 (before 16:30).
  • Apr. 5th Due to size limitations in Ninova, we have decided to post all lecture videos under Google Drive. Check google account details in Ninova.
  • Apr. 4th Considering that we have 80+ students, using Zoom for lectures does not seem to feasible; instead we post videos for lectures in Ninova. However, we plan to use Zoom in Ninova for question-answer sessions with up to 20 students. We will make related announcements.
  • Apr. 4th Syllabus and weekly course plan have been updated, please check.
  • Apr. 4th Lecture notes of all weeks have been posted.
  • Mar. 31th Due to Coronavirus, we are transforming to online education. For this purpose we use Ninova with some videos. For the the rest of the class, we only have homeworks and the final exam; no midterm, no quiz. Check announcements here and in Ninova.
  • Feb. 24th The first homework has been posted that is due 12/03/2019 (before the lecture).
  • Feb. 10th Instead of 8:30, we start lectures at 9:00 for convenience of the students' attendance.
  • Feb. 10th As a simulation tool, Spice is required for homeworks. Among different Spice-based programs, LTspice is a good and free choice; you can download it by clicking here.


EHB 322E: Digital Electronic Circuits, CRN: 25160, Thursdays 8:30-11:30, Room: 2102 (EEF), Spring 2020.

Mustafa Altun

  • Email:
  • Tel: 02122856635
  • Office hours: 15:00 – 16:30 on Tuesdays in Room:3005, EEF
Teaching Assistant

Ahmet Suna

  • Email:
  • Room: 1105 EEF
  • Quizzes: 5%
    • 1 pop-up quiz (5%) - no prior announcement of quiz dates and times
  • Homeworks: 45%
    • Homework 1 (3.3%)
    • Homework 2 (13.9%)
    • Homework 3 (13.9%)
    • Homework 4 (13.9%)
  • Final Exam: 50%
Reference Books
  • Weste, N., & Harris, D. (20XX). Integrated Circuit Design: International Version: A Circuits and Systems Perspective. Pearson Education,.
  • Rabaey, J. M., Chandrakasan, A. P., & Nikolic, B. (20XX). Digital integrated circuits. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice hall.
  • Uyemura, J. P. (20XX). CMOS logic circuit design. Springer.
  • Kang, S. M., & Leblebici, Y. (20XX). Cmos Digital Integrated Circuits. McGraw-Hill Education.
  • Homeworks are due at the beginning of class. Late homeworks will be downgraded by 20% for each day passed the due date.
  • Quizzes and exams are in closed-notes and closed-books format.
  • To be eligible of taking the final or the resit exam, your homework average should be at least 25 (out of 100).

Weekly Course Plan

Week 1, 13/2/2020 Introduction
Week 2, 20/2/2020 Switching theory & devices for digital circuits and inverters
Weeks 3, 27/2/2020 NMOS/CMOS inverters & their static and dynamic behaviors
Weeks 4, 5/3/2020 Optimization of multiple-stage inverters and buffers
Week 5, 12/3/2020 Static and complex logic gates and their area-delay-power performance analysis
Weeks 6, 19/3/2020 HOLIDAY, no class
Week 7, 26/3/2020 HOLIDAY, no class
Week 8, 2/4/2020 HOLIDAY, no class
Weeks 9, 9/4/2020 Recitation with the teaching assistant (Video posted in Ninova)
Week 10, 16/4/2020 Pass transistor logic with Shannon's expansion and performance analysis (Video posted in Ninova)
Week 10, 23/4/2020 Dynamic logic gates, synchronization, and performance analysis (Video posted in Ninova)
Weeks 12, 30/4/2020 Static and dynamic memory elements: D, SR, and JK flip-flops (Video posted in Ninova)
Weeks 13, 7/5/2020 Synchronization and timing analysis of digital circuits having logic and memory elements (Video posted in Ninova)
Week 14, 14/5/2020 Semiconductor memories and gate arrays: RAM's, ROM's, and flash memories (Video posted in Ninova)
Weeks 15, 21/5/2020 Recitation with the teaching assistant (Video posted in Ninova)

Course Materials

Homeworks and Quizzes & Solutions Course Materials Exams
Homework 1 & Solutions Lecture Notes
Quiz 1 & Solutions Recitation 1
Homework 2 & Solutions
Homework 3 & Solutions
Homework 4
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